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How to Peel an Entire Bag of Potatoes in under 60 Seconds

potato peeling drill trick

We all love potatoes and meals that involve potatoes, but peeling them can be frustrating an extremely time-consuming. Fortunately for us, a potato-peeling hero has come to the rescue, and he’s teaching the world how to peel an entire bag of potatoes in under 60 seconds. Not only does this hack save you a lot of time, it also looks like a blast.

Here’s what you need to know: You will need is a power hose, a bucket, a drill and a cheap toilet bowl brush (one that’s not related to the bathroom). A bag of potatoes and access to a water source are also essential, as is an outdoor space, because this task can get a little messy.

Next, add the potatoes to a bucket, and attach the end of the toilet brush onto the drill. With the hose in one hand and the drill in the other, turn both on and aggressively attack those potatoes!

Check out the video below for the visual demonstration: